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This is the official homepage for JETs living and working in Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

If you have a question about work, are looking for teaching suggestions, or just need to figure out how to get that re-entry permit fuck sites, you're in the right place! We also offer area guides, common interest groups, and everything fuck sites else you need to survive and thrive in Niigata.

If you have problems or questions that aren't answered on this website, please get in touch with a .

For information free sex sites on what's going on with the Niigata JET community, please sign up for our forum and the Niigata JET Yahoo group.

For places to go or things to do and see, check out the Niigata Google Map.

If you are a new JET or a transfer preparing to move to Niigata, here's some advice about what to expect and how to get ready.

The site is updated and maintained by the PAs and RAs, but contributions, corrections and advice are always welcome. Get in touch here.

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Keep these important dates marked in your calendar for the Mid-Year Seminar!



Getting ready for winter vacation? Make sure to inform you supervisor or Board of Education of your travel plans! Also, make sure to enjoy yourself!



It's finally (or already) started snowing all over Niigata. For more in depth information on the amount of snow in your area check out this website,



Worried about road closings? Although these websites are in Japanese, they may be of some assistance:



Do you have a child facing the daunting task of entering the Japanese school system?? Okay, most of you don't have children, but perhaps someone you know does! The Niigata City International Exchange Foundation is holding an informational seminar on the Japanese education system on Sat., Nov. 13th. If you (or someone you know) have questions about it, or you want to just learn more for the sake of it, check out this PDF:



For those JETs participating in the Homestay Program, enjoy this opportunity to spend some time with a family near you!



You should have received your transfer application and recontracting paperwork from your supervisor. Keep these upcoming deadlines in mind: November 5th for Interprefectural Transfers

December 3rd for Job Change Transfers



Happy Halloween! If you have any pictures from any of your adventures in costume, send them to Liz!

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